Cozy Little Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session

Oh man, who else is TOTALLY feeling this fall weather?  I know I am!  It makes me so happy that I can break out my sweaters and eat soup without sweating and enjoy a hot beverage (or two) while inhaling the brisk air.  Seriously.  Fall is my JAM.  Not only is it colorful as all get out, but the cooler temps are my fav.

Thinking about these cozy, chilly days (well, somewhat chilly - Utah likes to keep you on your weather toes) - anyhow, thinking about that made me think about this session!  It happened to be a spring day (full disclosure), but the snuggly, warm feel of these is a fall vibe.  For reals.  You are going to pick up what I'm putting down, yo.  I promise.

Other bonus reason to love this shoot? My friends, Liz & Kevin, are just awesome (trust me on this) AND my husband, Jimothy, was my super cute assistant!  A good day all around.

See???  Totally feeling fall-like, don't you?  The blanket!  The flannel!  The snuggling!  It's all right there.  And I LOVED it.  

Alright, alright, enough about my obsession with fall.  I'm going to go put on a super sweet sweater, eat some soup, bask in the briskness, and photograph some leaves.  You know, the norm. Haha.  Leave a comment if you are feeling the fall vibes too! :D