Classic, Romantic Grand America Bridal Session

This romantic bridal session at the Grand America was just SO full of just PRETTINESS.  This couple is beautifully classic, but also a whole lotta fun.  (Check out the bride's GORGEOUS lace ballgown.  I mean... *heart eye emojis here*)  I loved the timeless feel of their bridals and the way they were so quick to laugh with each other - plus, they were totally down for taking their session from the opulence of the Grand America's interior into the bright and colorful JouJou Toy Store (which I absolutely loved)!  True photo magic, if I might say so myself.  Also, there is a unicorn hidden somewhere in their photos, so that is a bonus I know y'all are gonna love.  :D  Enjoy!

These two are JUST. SO. AWESOME.  I loved spending the day with them and getting to know them before their big day!  Such a great experience and we got some pretty stellar photos out of the deal.  Win win.  Classic doesn't have to be boring, people!  Classic can be dynamic, emotive, and just downright fun.  Thanks to Iliana and Bryce for hanging out and going wherever the creativity bug took me!  It was one of my favorite days EVAH!  


Angela Howard for Pepper Nix Photographers