Guardsman Pass Destination Engagement Session

Hey, you guys!  *drumroll please*  IT'S MY VERY FIRST BLOG POST IN *cough way too many cough* YEARS!  So, to kick off this momentous event, I'm starting out with this colorful and fun engagement session I shot up Guardsman Pass in Utah's beautiful mountains.  Yay!  

Firstly, I have to say that I think engagement sessions are SUPER important.  Not only do they allow me to get to know you, but, more importantly, you get to know me and that is step numero uno in getting you relaxed in front of the camera.  Think about it, if you don't routinely just hang out in front of a camera (and I'm thinking most of you don't), I'm pretty sure that the first time you step in front of mine, it's going to be, well, a little bit awkward.  So, then, let's think about doing that on your wedding day - when you have, I don't know, like a bazillion other emotions going on in your brain.  SUPER AWKWARD, amiright?  

Funnily enough, it actually took a whole bunch of re-scheduling to get this session to reality (thank you, Utah weather), but we got there.  And, man, it was great.  We talked AAAALLL about their wedding, their lives, and hiked through the aspens.  They told me that they actually had a lot more fun than they thought - so, major win in my book!  Plus, in turn, I think collectively, we were all WAY more jazzed to hang out on the wedding day!

But, back to these two.  They are simply put, just, rad.  They are goofy, hilarious, up for adventure, and completely 100% smitten with each other.  All good things people!  I knew that we were going to make some serious photo magic and, well, magic achieved!  So, scroll down for a slice of bright, beautiful love, my dears!  It'll cheer up even the gloomiest of days, I promise!  


EXTRA SPECIAL SIDE NOTE: Remember when I said these two were up for adventure?  Well, this may or may not have included possibly, maybe going onto private property for some really epic shots... :D #sorrynotsorry


So, I think that was blog success!  How about we make this a regular thing?  Okay, I'm on board!  Subscribe to see when I post more eye candy in the future, or just check back and hopefully too much awesome hasn't passed you by! :)

Until next time, y'all, _angela.

Angela Howard for Pepper Nix Photographers